Product Features

Intelligence in Software

100% software-defined with no reliance on special purpose hardware for resilience, performance and availability. Allowing for new capabilities without hardware upgrades.

Distributed Everything

All data, metadata and operations are distributed across the entire cluster, eliminating performance bottlenecks and enabling predictable scalability without limits.

Self-Healing System

Designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery without bringing down the overall system.

Automation & Analytics

Extensive automation and rich system-wide monitoring for data-driven efficiency, combined with REST-based programmatic interfaces for integration with datacenter management tools.

Lower Costs

40-60% reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx.

Limitless Scalability

Scale infrastructure predictably with no limits.

Fastest Time-to-Value

8x faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing.

Smallest Footprint

Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor.

made in the United Kingdom
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